May 9th, 2011: My Science Project

Cast and Crew: Fisher Stevens, Richard Masur, Barry Corbin, Robert DoQui, Michael Berryman, Pamela Springsteen, Frank Welker, Al “Kabong” Leong

What It’s About: High school students Mike (John Stockwell) and Ellie (Danielle von Zerneck) break into a military junkyard to find something to turn in as Mark’s science project.  When they stumble upon a device taken from Area 51, strange things begin to happen, and soon Mike and his friends are fighting their way through cavemen, Viet Cong, dinosaurs, and mutants from the future in an attempt to rescue Ellie.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is the second day of the International Science and Engineering Fair, being held this year in Los Angeles.  My Science Project is a fun piece of 1980s teen cheese whiz, with some fun effects, an amusing cameo by Dennis Hopper, and a fun variation on time travel plots (instead of the heroes traveling through time, the machine brings things from different times and places to them) that will entertain your inner ten-year old.

Where to Get It:  Netflix (rental) or Amazon

No trailer, but a techno-babble laden scene in which Dennis Hopper explains the device:

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