November 7th, 2011: The Getaway (1972)

Cast and Crew:  Quincy Jones (Score); Sally Struthers, Slim Pickens, Dub Taylor, Roy Jenson

What It’s About: Doc McCoy (Steve McQueen),  is a bank robber imprisoned in Texas. After serving four years of hard time he tells his wife Carol (Ali MacGraw) to tell warden Jack Benton (Ben Johnson) that Doc is ready to make a deal. Benton secures parole for McCoy; in return Doc is to rip-off a hayseed bank that carries a large amount of money off the books.  Benton picks the men McCoy will work with: green Frank Jackson (Bo Hopkins) and sleazy Rudy Butler (Al Lettieri), who let his last partner get killed.  Friction begins immediately between McCoy and Benton’s men, leading to a hitch in the job and no less than three double crosses. Soon the McCoys are running for the border, pursued by Benton’s men, Butler, and the police.

Why Watch it Today?:  Steve McQueen died tragically during an experimental cancer operation at age 50 today in 1980The Getaway is a solid action thriller from Sam Peckinpah with a fine supporting cast, Peckinpah’s trademark hard-hitting action and a screenplay from Walter Hill based on Jim Thompson’s cult favorite novel.

Where to Get It:Netflix (rental only), iTunes and Amazon

Mo Rating for Movember: Made in 1972, The Getaway is a Mo paradise.  The two villains (Al Lettieri and Ben Johnson) sport solid mos, but the real winner here is Slim Pickens with this little number:

Is that thing even real? Does it matter?

4 out of 5 Mos, 1 Mo withheld because Steve McQueen just looks so damned good clean-shaven.

That look? That's Mo envy, people.

One comment on “November 7th, 2011: The Getaway (1972)

  1. sakara says:

    sally struthers in a half cup bra…!

    she shoulda quit ALL IN THE FAMILY and did some sexploitation movies.

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