December 10th, 2011: Party Girl (1995)

Cast and Crew: Daisy von Scherler Mayer (Director); Guillermo Diaz, Liev Schrieber

What It’s About: When Mary (Parker Posey) gets in trouble for throwing rent parties, she goes to her godmother, Judy (Sasha von Scherler) for bail.  To pay her back she works as a library assistant in Judy’s library, initially dismissing the job but slowly coming to respect it.

Why Watch it Today?: Melville Dewey, creator of the famed Dewey Decimal Classification System (which I don’t actually understand, because I’ve worked in Academic and Medical Libraries for the last sixteen years, and they use the rival Library of Congress system and the Medical Library Association system based on it) was born 160 years ago todayParty Girl is an entertaining mid-90s “Indy” flick with a fun cast and some scenes that are especially funny if you’re a librarian, such as Mary’s rant at a patron who decides to put a book back in a random location, and a decent finding your calling story even if you’re not a librarian.

Where to Get It Libraries, Netflix

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