December 25th, 2011: A Christmas Story (1983)

Cast and Crew:   Bob Clark (Director, Screenplay, Producer); Scott Schwartz

What It’s About:  Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) wants just one thing for Christmas:  a Red Ryder BB gun.  There’s just one problem:  his mother  (Melinda Dillon) thinks he’ll shoot his eye out.  Can he find a way to get what he wants for Christmas?

Why Watch it Today?:  Ever since TBS started broadcasting A Christmas Story for 24 hours every Christmas, the film has become inescapable, which is a real shame, as it features the hilarious stories (and remarkable insight into the mind of the kid) of radio personality, humorist, and author Jean Shepard and a great performance by Darren McGavin as Ralphie’s father, with an able assist by Melinda Dillon and the rest of the cast.  There are other Christmas films, but few capture the mix of stress, dashed expectations and real warmth that the holiday can inspire.  Finally a Christmas gift from The League to you:  we’ll be continuing the series next year.  So if this year’s Christmas movie seemed pedestrian or overplayed, no worries!  There’s always next year!

A Merry Christmas to all of our readers celebrating the holiday, and a great day free of those who do to everyone else!

Where to Get It:  Should be on  TBS all day, or you can find it at Amazon, iTunes or YouTube.

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