January 15th, 2012: The Flesh Eaters (1964)

What It’s About:  Grant Murdoch (Byron Sanders) is hired to fly alcoholic actress Laura Winters (Rita Morley) to Provincetown.  A storm forces them down on a small island where they meet Professor Paul Bartell (Martin Kosleck), a German scientist with a hideous secret.

Why Watch it Today?:   Actor Martin Kosleck, who died today in 1994, was one of many German actors who fled the Nazi regime and ended up in the United States playing the very men who persecuted him in American movies. Although he was no Conrad Veidt or Peter Lorre, Kosleck is always memorable in his many madmen and Nazi roles, often far better than the film he is acting in.  Here Kosleck adds to The Flesh Eaters’s ingenious, low-budget charm.  While you’re watching, look out for the proto-hippie-beatnik who is the karmic bridge between Manyard G. Krebs and Gilligan.

Where to Get It:   Libraries, iTunes, Netflix (DVD)

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