February 10th, 2012: All Through the Night (1941)

Cast and Crew: Edward Brophy, Frank McHugh, Jackie Gleason, Jane Darwell, Martin Koslack, Peter Lorre, Phil Silvers, Wallace Ford, William Demarest

What It’s About:  When the baker of his favorite cheesecake goes missing, gambler “Gloves” Donahue (Humphrey Bogart) and his pals investigate, stumbling on a ring of Nazi saboteurs.  Can the boys stop the Ratzis?

Why Watch it Today?:   Judith Anderson, who plays Conrad Veidt’s icy second-in-command, was born today in 1897.  Although All Through the Night is not one of Anderson’s best pictures (former Movies of the Day Rebecca and Laura  are better), she is her usually evil self in this strange comedy/World War II propaganda/gangster film that was one of Bogart’s transitional roles from his early career of playing bad guys.  Read the full review here.

Where to Get It: Watch it at Amazon, iTunes and Vudu or rent it at Netflix

Other Choices:  The Treaty of Paris was signed today, ending the French and Indian War, the conflict that inspired The Last of the Mohicans.

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