February 11th, 2012: A Grand Day Out With Wallace and Gromit

Cast and Crew: Nick Park (Writer/Director/Cinematography/Animator); John Phillips Sousa (Composer, “Honors March”)

What It’s About:  Wallace (Peter Sallis), a mild-mannered Englishman with a penchant for Rube Goldberg style inventions, and his loyal (and intelligent) dog Gromit run out of cheese.  The solution is a trip to the moon in Wallace’s homemade rocket for a spot of lunar cheese.

Why Watch it Today?:  It’s National Inventor’s Day, a holiday first declared by Ronald Reagan in 1983.  Wallace is one of film’s most whimsical inventors, appearing in award-winning animated shorts (and eventually a feature film), beginning with today’s selection.

Where to Get It:  Amazon or Netflix, or your local library

Here’s a clip:

Other Choices:   It’s also Burt Reynolds birthday, so why not watch previous Movies of the Day White Lightning, Boogie Nights, or Smokey and the Bandit?

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