February 19th, 2012: Adaptation. (2002)

Cast and Crew:  Spike Jonze (Director); Charlie & Donald Kaufman (Screenwriters); Carter Burwell (Music); Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper, Cara Seymour, Tilda Swinton, Brian Cox

What It’s About: Charlie Kaufman attempts to adapt the novel The Orchid Thief by Susan Orlean and enlists the help of his identical twin brother to accomplish the task.

Why Watch it Today?: The Orchid Thief is a non-fiction book about John Laroche, who turns 50 years old today. The film portrays a very fictionalized version of him, nabbing Best Supporting Actor Oscar and Golden Globe awards for Chris Cooper.

Where to Get It: Amazon Instant Video and iTunes, Netflix (Rental Only), or your local library.

One comment on “February 19th, 2012: Adaptation. (2002)

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