March 6th, 2012: Steele Justice

Cast and Crew:  Sela Ward, Ronny Cox, Bernie Casey, Peter Kwong, Al “Kabong” Leong, Shannon Tweed, David L. Lander, Phil Fondacaro, Joseph Campanella

What It’s About: When John Steele (Martin Kove) finds out his comrade in arms in Vietnam, Detective Lee Van Minh (Robert Kim), has been murdered by corrupt South Vietnamese General turned pillar of his community and drug baron Bon Soong Kwan (Soon-Tek Oh), he sets out to getting a little Steele Justice

Why Watch it Today?: Matin Kove, perhaps best remembered for his role as the tyrannical head of the Kobra Kai Karate Dojo in The Karate Kid, turns 66 today.  Steele Justice is a rare leading role for Kove, just one of the ludicrous elements in this delightfully over-the-top 1980s action film in which Kove’s alcoholic Vietnam vet ex-cop bumbles his way through Kwan’s drug gang.

Where to Get ItWatch Online at Netflix

Other Choices:  Kove played Nero the Hero in Deathrace 2000.

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