March 10th, 2012: Hell in the Pacific (1968)

Cast and Crew:  John Boorman (Director); Alexander Jacobs (Screenplay); Lalo Schifrin (Original Music); Conrad L. Hall (Cinematography)

What It’s About: An American pilot (Lee Marvin) finds himself marooned on an island with a Japanese officer (Toshiro Mifune).  Will the men learn to co-operate to survive and escape from the island and what will happen if they do?

Why Watch it Today?: Hiroo Onoda surrendered today in 1974.  Onoda was the last Japanese officer to surrender, having continued to evade capture and make attacks in a remote area of the Philippines for nearly 30 years after the war ended.  Hell in the Pacific is an excellent story of survival as well as a meditation on the nature of war and humanity.

Where to Get It: Netflix (Rental Only)  or YouTube

No trailer, but Lee Marvin’s off-key singing.

2 comments on “March 10th, 2012: Hell in the Pacific (1968)

  1. Great film. I guess the actors truly did NOT get along.

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