March 21st, 2012: So I Married an Axe Murderer

Cast and Crew:  Amanda Plummer, Charles Grodin, Debi Mazar, Steven Wright, Mike Hagerty, Michael Richards, Alan Arkin

What It’s About: Commitmentphobe Charlie MacKenzie (Mike Myers) meets the girl of his dreams (Nancy Travis) but begins having second thoughts when all signs point to the fact that she is Mrs. X, a serial axe murderer who kills her husbands on their wedding nights.

Why Watch it Today?: Today we have a first-two reasons to watch. Alcatraz closed today in 1963 and it is also World Poetry Day.  Charlie is a poet; there is also a memorable scene in which Charlie and his cop friend (Anthony LaPaglia) take a tour of Alcatraz conducted by a tour guide named Vicky (Phil Hartman).

Where to Get It:  Watch Free Online at Crackle

Other Choices:  Alcatraz also features prominently in Point Blank.

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