March 29th, 2012: The Beast Must Die (1974)

Cast and Crew:  James Blish (Story)

What It’s About: Wealthy businessman and expert hunter Tom Newcliffe (Clavin Lockhart) brings six guests to his remote estate for a weekend getaway.  His purpose?  To find out which of the six guests is a werewolf!  Will you know the answer when it’s time for the Werewolf Break?

Why Watch it Today?: Star Calvin Lockhart died today in 2007.  Lockhart was generally better than the films he appeared in, and today’s film is no exception, though at least here he’s joined by a cast that’s as good as he is: Peter Cushing, Charles Grey, and Michael Gambon.  The film may feature a campy gimmick (the “Werewolf Break”, where we’re asked to guess who the killer is right before the final reveal) and a “werewolf” that is just a large dog, but it’s a solid genre exercise, pairing elements of “The Most Dangerous Game”, Agatha Christie whodunnits, and werewolf films.

Where to Get It: Buy it at Amazon

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