March 28th, 2012: Capturing the Friedmans

What It’s About:  The Friedmans are a Long Island family, rather normal except for their odd sense of humor, their obsession with AV and father Arnie Friedman gave up a possible career in chemical engineering to play in a band in the Catskills and teach. Or at least everything seems normal until Arnie is arrested in a child pornography sting on Thanksgiving night…

Why Watch it Today?:   Arnie Friedman was sentenced to ten years for child molestation today in 1988.  Capturing the Friedmans examines the relationship between the Friedmans as well as how the case against them was prosecuted, assisted with the family’s own home video footage.

Where to Get It: Amazon, iTunes and Vudu; your local library; or watch it free on Hulu:

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