April 22nd, 2012: The Food of the Gods (1976)

Cast and Crew:  Samuel Z. Arkoff (Executive Producer); John Cypher, Belinda Balaski

What It’s About: Star football player Morgan (Marjoe Gortner) and two of his buddies go hunting on a remote island.  Unfortunately for them, that island is now inhabited by embiggened wasps, rats, maggots and chickens thanks to the Skinners (John McLiam and Ida Lupino), who mixed some goop that came out of the ground into their chicken feed and dubbed it “The Food of the Gods.”  The result was chickens that could ensure enormous profit margins for KFC, but other animals got into the feed.  Can Morgan lead a ragtag band of giant rat attack survivors to safety as well as he can lead his team on the field?  And does Ralph Meeker (playing an executive who wants to market the “Food of the Gods”) ever play a nice guy?

Why Watch it Today?:  Today is Earth Day, and, just like last year we present a delightfully “so-bad-its-good” cautionary tale from the glory days of the short-lived “Eco-Horror/Disaster Movie” sub-genre.  In this case its an H.G. Wells novel terribly adapted (it leaves out nearly all the social commentary, sci-fi and cautionary tale elements) for the screen by schlockmaster Bert I. Gordon, whose career spanned the 1950s heyday of “Giant Stuff Attacks” movies and the same genres 1970s swan song.

Where to Get It: Netflix and Vudu 

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