April 23rd, 2012: Pale Rider (1985)

Cast and Crew:  Michael Moriarty, Carrie Snodgress, Chris Penn, Richard Kiel, John Russell, Billy Drago

What It’s About: A mysterious preacher (Clint Eastwood) shows up at a mining camp and helps rally its inhabitants against the depredations of Coy LaHood (Richard Dysart), his mining corporation, and the thugs he employs.  What is the secret of the Preacher’s past, and will he stay to help the miners when push comes to shove?

Why Watch it Today?:  Pale Rider was a staple on cable in the mid-to-late-80s, a Western that my father and brother could agree on, meaning I saw it quite a few times.  When I got older I realized that it is a very strange remake of Shane (easy to miss considering Eastwood piles on many of his own quirks and makes everything that Shane says subtly explicit).  Shane was released today in 1953.

Where to Get It: Amazon, iTunes, XFINITY, Vudu, YouTube, or your local library

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