September 3rd, 2013: Shane (1953)


Cast and Crew:  Jean Arthur, Jack Palance, Ben Johnson, Elisha Cook Jr.

What It’s About: Shane (Alan Ladd) begins working for Joe Starett (Van Heflin) a “sodbuster” who, along with his fellows, faces relentless pressure to clear off the land by cattleman Morgan Ryker (John Dierkes).  What no one expects is that Shane is a gunfighter haunted by his past….

Why Watch it Today?:  Alan Ladd was born on this date in 1913Shane is one of Ladd’s greatest roles, a spare but rewarding and influential Western drama.  Everything from tweaked remakes like Pale Rider and Steel Dawn to Taxi Driver (which takes one of its most famous lines almost verbatim from Shane) drew inspiration from this classic.

One comment on “September 3rd, 2013: Shane (1953)

  1. Ron says:

    Everybody, This is a great, great film! A Western…….sure, but it’s not just one of the greatest Westerns ever made, it’s one of the greatest films ever made! George Stevens made a few films…….they are all classics!
    Shane is the role Alan Ladd was born to play. Wilson was the role Jack Palance was born to play. They are outstanding. Every actor and actress in this film are outstanding. The story, the scenery, the dialogue, the music………oh my God, the music is out of this world. Check out the tone of the music as Shane rides into the Valley at the beginning of the film looking for a peaceful life away from his gunslinging ways……..then check out the music as Shane rides into town at the closing of the film for the final showdown…….so powerful!
    Every man, woman & child should be made to watch this film. It really is something special!

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