June 30th, 2012: Rushmore (1998)

Cast and Crew:  Wes Anderson (Director, Writer, Executive Producer); Owen Wilson (Writer, Executive Producer); Mark Mothersbaugh (Original Music); Seymour Cassel, Brian Cox, Connie Nielsen, Luke Wilson, Andrew Wilson

What It’s About: 15-year-old Max Fisher (Jason Schwartzman) attends Rushmore, a prestigious private school, where he is flunking his classes but excelling at extracurricular activities.  His life is turned upside down by three things:  being put on academic probation, meeting new teacher Rosemary Cross (Olivia Williams) and befriending Herman Blume (Bill Murray), a bitter industrialist.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is the last day of the ISDF (International Student Drama Festival).  Some of Rushmore‘s best moments come from Max’s elaborate student productions and their aftermath, and, after all, Max was only ever admitted to Rushmore because of a play he wrote.

Where to Get It: Your local library; Netflix (DVD)

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