July 3rd, 2012: 12:01 PM (1990)

What It’s About: Myron Castleman (Kurtwood Smith) walks to a park, eats his lunch, and returns to his office-only to find himself back at 12:01 PM, on his way to the park to eat his lunch.  Can Castleman figure out what’s going on?  Is there any way out?

Why Watch it Today?: Kurtwood Smith turns 69 today.  Long before we knew him as the dad in That 70s Show, Smith turned in a fantastic, memorable performance in this gripping Academy Award nominated short film that prefigures Groundhog Day, playing more to the horror inherent in their shared premise of a man alone in the awareness that time is repeating itself.

Where to Get It: Watch it on Google Video:


Other Choices: See Kurtwood play the memorable heavy in  Robocop.

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