November 20th, 2012: Thirteen Days (2000)

Cast and Crew:  Kevin Costner, Dylan Baker, Ed Lauter, James Karen, Len Cariou, Kevin Conway

What It’s About: The thirteen days of the Cuban Missile Crisis are followed from the perspective of John F. Kennedy (Bruce Greenwood) and his cabinet.

Why Watch it Today?:   The Cuban Missile Crisis officially ended on today’s date with an announcement from President Kennedy that outlined the end of the U.S. Quarantine and the Soviet Union’s withdrawal of bombers from Cuban soil.

Mo Rating for Movember:  There aren’t a lot of moustaches present because the film takes place in 1962, but Len Cariou sports a pretty sweet one as Dean Acheson, Truman’s Secretary of State who advised Kennedy during the crisis.  2 out of 5 Mos.

Dean Acheson is Dean Acheson

Len Cariou is Dean Acheson

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