November 21st, 2012: The Order of the Black Eagle

What It’s About: Secret agent Duncan Jax (Ian Hunter) infiltrates a South American Nazi organization with the help of his trusty tank driving baboon Boon in this 10th rate James Bond rip-off.

Why Watch it Today?:  Although set in South America, The Order of the Black Eagle was shot in North Carolina and features plenty of North Carolina locations and, probably, dinner theater actors (exactly where they dredged up the films cast I’m not entirely sure of).  North Carolina ratified the Constitution on this date in 1789, and it would never be more embarrassed than when watching today’s so-bad-it’s-good trashterpiece.  At least, it would be, had anyone actually seen it.

Mo Rating for Movember:  While the heroes are clean-shaven (well, except for Boon, the Baboon), quite a few of the bad guys sport Mos, including the 10th rate Orson Welles imitator they got to play the Baron.  3 out of 5 Mos.

“I didn’t just imitate Orson…I ate his corpse to gain his power. MU-HA-HA!”

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