January 12th, 2013: 2001: A Space Odyssey

Cast: Keir Dullea

What It’s About: An alien monolith touches apes, setting the evolution of humanity in motion.  In the “future” of 1999, a monolith is found on the surface of the moon, and in 2001 an expedition departs for Jupiter, where the object originated.  On board the space ship are four astronauts and super computer HAL 9000.  Before the astronauts can get to the moon, they will need to deal with HAL…

Why Watch it Today?: HAL9000became operational on January 12, 1992 at the HAL lab in Urbana, Illinois2001 is a landmark of science fiction, a beautiful combination of image and music, and one of director Stanley Kubrick’s best films. The ability to chuckle at the occasionally dated references to corporations that no longer exists in a future ten years past is merely a bonus.  2001 won an Oscar for Visual Effects and earned Kubrick nominations for directing and writing with co-writer Arthur C. Clarke.

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