February 14th, 2013: Simon, King of the Witches

Simon, King of the Witches

What It’s About: “My name is Simon. I live in a storm drain. I’m a magician.”  So says Simon (Andrew Prine) at the start of today’s movie, a rarely seen 1970s occult film that’s one of a kind, and features, as a friend memorably put it, the “Mitchell” of the occult world.

Why Watch it Today?: Andrew Prine, a character actor who is beloved by few, but deserves to be loved by many, was born on this date in 1936.  Prine never really made it as a star, but today’s film is one of his rare, priceless leading roles, and features Prine’s Simon maneuvering his way around sham cultists, corrupt politicians, addicts, party people, and an apprentice as he attempts to attain ultimate magical power.  Although the film does not feature much in the way of Valentine’s Day content, it does feature one of the most ludicrous “love” scenes in filmdom.  Watch it today and you’ll join us in saying “Magnetic! Electric! Magnetic! Charge! Charge! Charge!” tomorrow.

Other Choices:  Prine played Victory Quint in Grizzly.  You might also want to watch My Bloody Valentine (1981) or Picnic at Hanging Rock, two very different horror films set on Valentine’s Day that are excellent in their own ways.

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