May 25th, 2013: Laserblast (1978)


Cast and Crew:   Charles Band (Producer); Richard Band (Score); Ron Masak, Eddie Deezen, Keenan Wynn, Roddy McDowall

What It’s About:  Disgruntled teen Billy Duncan (Kim Milford) finds a dead alien’s unwieldy laserblaster and goes on a rampage.

Why Watch It Today?:  Star Wars was released on this date in 1977.  A wave of sci-fi films followed, including today’s stinker, which has the gall to literally take aim at Star Wars by having Billy blow up a Star Wars billboard.


One comment on “May 25th, 2013: Laserblast (1978)

  1. […] I am so glad I was able to introduce SD to the joys of the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 via what I feel is it’s best episode:  a bat shit crazy sort of Christian family sort of New Age family film about a boy whose friendship with Sasquatch allows him to wear a giant medallion/chain restaurant pager around his neck that warns him that his dad is in risk of being killed by an escaped Tiger and an overzealous big game hunter brought in to get it.  The film is disjointed, full of animal footage padding and “WTF” moments and the new crew of the Satellite of Love roasts it perfectly so we had nearly as a good a time as we did many moons ago with the old crew’s Laserblast. […]

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