July 4th, 2013: Vigilante Force

Vigilante Force

Cast and Crew: George Armitage (Writer/Director); Gene Corman Producer); Victoria Principal, Bernadette Peters, Brad Dexter, Andrew Stevens, Paul Gleason, Charles Cyphers, Loni Anderson, Dick Miller

What It’s About: When oil boom prosperity undermines law and order, the Mayor brings in Vietnam veteran Aaron Arnold (Kris Kristofferson) to lead a Vigilante Force of vets to clean things up, but before long the Force becomes so corrupt that it’s up to Aaron’s brother Ben (Jan Michael-Vincent) to lead the local shooting club against them.

Why Watch it Today?:  Did I mention the climax occurs at a Fourth of July parade, with the bad guys dressed up in red marching band uniforms, pulling off a heist and forced to battle the shooting club-in their trademark coonskin caps?  Celebrate the Fourth with this ludicrously transparent allegory.

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