August 12th, 2013: Wild at Heart (1990)

Wild at Heart

Cast and Crew:  J. E. Freeman, Crispin Glover, Calvin Lockhart, Isabella Rossellini, Harry Dean Stanton, Grace Zabriskie, Sherilyn Fenn, David Patrick Kelly, Freddie Jones, John Lurie, Jack Nance, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Francis Bay, Sheryl Lee, Tracey Walter

What It’s About: Lula Fortune (Laura Dern) forbidden to see Sailor Ripley (Nicholas Cage) by her mother Marietta (Diane Ladd), goes on the run with him when Sailor is released from prison.  The pair will have to avoid the men Marietta sends after them-and survive getting involved with the loathsome Bobby Peru (Willem Dafoe).

Why Watch it Today?:  David Lynch packs in off kilter references to The Wizard of Oz (which premiered today in 1939) into Wild at Heart.

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