September 6th, 2013: B13 aka District 13 (2004)


Cast and Crew:   PIerre Morel (Director); Luc Besson (Screenplay, Producer)

What It’s About: In the near future of 2010, entire districts of Paris are abandoned to become walled zones where no government services are provided. Three years later a crime lord threatens the city with a neutron bomb, two men-a cop (Cyril Raffaelli) and Leito (David Belle), a prisoner with a personal grudge to settle-must enter District B13 and find and disarm the bomb.

Why Watch it Today?:  The mission begins on today’s exact date, although France never did get around to sealing off whole districts of the city.  B13‘s plot is fairly standard, but transferring the dark future to a Gallic context livens things up…and more importantly, the Parkour group which the film is a show case for deliver amazing stunts.

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