September 24th, 2013: El Barón del Terror (aka The Brainiac)

The Brainiac

What It’s About: In Mexico in 1661, The Inquisition condemns Baron Vitelius d’Estera (Abel Salazar) to death.  He swears vengeance upon his accusers.  300 years later, the same comet that passed over the night of d’Estera’s execution returns bringing Estera with it.  Estera is now a brain eating monster able to take human form, and begins taking his revenge of the descendants of the Inquisitors.

Why Watch it Today?:  Abel Salazar, who produced and acted in many films from Mexico’s brief late 50s/early 60s horror boom, was born on this date in 1917.  The Brainiac is a fun, goofy riff on The Mask of Satan/Black Sunday, which was an international hit and also featured a condemned witch swearing vengeance on the descendants of her accusers.

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