League News: the League is Going to be an Actual League


“Mortis-Friends: Go For It!”

A few years ago, I announced David Cole’s tenure on the blog with a post entitled “More Than I Bargained For“.  David helped me immensely in the next year and a half (and, indeed, had been in on the Movie of the Day posts with advice very early on) but he’s since moved on to other things (like appearing on stage in a live radio show version of Night of the Living Dead , in a double feature with a performance of one of my all time favorite creepy radio shows, the Suspense episode “Ghost Hunt“-if you live in the Greater Boston Area you should definitely be checking this out!).  I thought I could handle the work load of doing Movies of the Day on my own if they didn’t happen every single day and I re-posted, but, as you may have noticed, that hasn’t exactly worked out.  What can I say?  Even I have to tend to my day job sometimes, and I did make the mistake of buying a fixer upper a few years ago that actually needs some attention (don’t worry, I only have two whole rooms to remodel, a porch to paint, screen doors, locks, basement windows and bulkhead that need replacing, some plumbing to arrange, bushes to pull out, a lawn to rototill, level, and seed, rain barrel to set up, and a basement to finish).

I call Ryu.  Someday I'll tell you my theory of how he's the most heroic.

I call Ryu. Someday I’ll tell you my theory of how he’s the most heroic.

Right about you may be thinking “Oh no!  I’ve come to rely on The League of Dead Films’ valuable posts to tell me what movies to watch.  Will I be forced to read some other blog?”  Well, don’t panic! I’ve recruited a veritable army of pledges for “guest posts”!  I’m very pleased to announce that, starting very soon (hint: tomorrow) you’ll be hearing some new voices here on the League.  Welcome them aboard!

Because the good guys always post...even in the 80s.

Because the good guys always post…even in the 80s.

2 comments on “League News: the League is Going to be an Actual League

  1. KO Rob says:

    Very cool! I look forward to the new stuff!

    • T.A. Gerolami says:

      KO-good to see you around here. I clicked on your name and was instantly advised on a movie I’ve been seeing on Netflix and wondering if I should watch! The KO Picture Show-don’t miss it kids!

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