January 28th, 2014: Riki-Oh (1991)


What It’s About: Some time in the ever-nearer future, our hero Ricky (Sui Wong Fan, Ip Man),  tangles with gang-bangers and is sent to a maximum-security slammer controlled by an evil corporation. Ricky practices a form of martial arts that appears to combine bodybuilding, punching through shit, glowering, and deep panting, and using only these moves, he must progress from boss to boss and zone to zone, literally disemboweling the opposition in this gross-out low-budget kung fu/horror travesty.

Why Watch it Today: On this day in 1984, the Corrections Corporation of America was formed, and Riki-Oh is the timeless story of one man’s stand against a privatized prison dystopia. It is also a film few can willingly endure alone or sober. But since it’s on Netflix on-demand, it can be sprung on your unsuspecting friends–along with cheap beer, junk food, and color commentary–to elicit groans of so-bad-it’s-good delight. At least if your friends are as tasteless as you are. The special effects really look great next to the execrable acting and awful scripting. Better yet, Riki-Oh tucks in some quotable nuggets that you can unload on your victims the next day at the water cooler, cafeteria, or wherever the hangovers may take you.

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