January 29th, 2014: King Kung Fu (1976)

King Kung Fu

What It’s About:  A gorilla trained in Kung Fu (John Ballee) falls into the hands to two bumbling reporters who proceed to lose him in Wichita, leading to near hilarity.

Why Watch it Today?: Kansas became a state on this date in 1860.  Ordinarily I might have gone for a historical film, perhaps something dealing with the bloody history of that statehood, but, instead, I went a bit lighter and chose King Kung Fu, a film made locally in Wichita that apparently was for years the deep, dark secret of Wichita State’s theater department and the local theater community until it managed to get limited release in 1987, including video.  The film isn’t quite an Airplane! level spoof, but it is in the same spirit, only aimed at Kung Fu films instead of disaster films,  along with a little King Kong and a strong influence from comedy team films, especially ones featuring guys in terrible gorilla suits.

2 comments on “January 29th, 2014: King Kung Fu (1976)

  1. geelw says:

    What the…heck? Okay, I almost died laughing. And I thought A*P*E* was the most insane man in a gorilla suit flick from the 70’s.

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