February 15th, 2014: The Final Sacrifice aka The Quest for the Lost City (1990)

The FInal Sacrifice

What It’s About:  When Troy McGreggor (Christian Malcolm) unwittingly discovers the key to a lost city buried in the wilds of Canada, can even boozy, be-mulleted pick-up truck driver Zap Rowsdower (Bruce J. Mitchell) help him survive?

Why Watch it Today?: Today is National Flag of Canada day, which marks the day in 1965 when the red and white maple leaf first flew over Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  The Final Sacrifice is a cult favorite thanks to it featuring in an exceptional episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, where its Canadian origin was much parodied.

Other Choices:  We featured The Saddest Music in the World in 2011 for its inclusion of the song “Red Maple Leaves” and because filmmaker Guy Maddin makes his films in Canada from his own experiences.  You can also check out our Canada tag for all kinds of movies made by and set in the Great White North.

No trailer, but here’s the entire MST3K episode:


3 comments on “February 15th, 2014: The Final Sacrifice aka The Quest for the Lost City (1990)

  1. davekheath says:

    Canadian Ninja!!!s. One of my happiest moments of my life was to hold my one year old daughter when watching this. And her just laughing hysterically. I think she was laughing at Crowe and Servo, but I can’t see this movie and not smile

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