February 14th, 2014: Tales From the Crypt (1972)

Tales From the Crypt

Cast and Crew: Freddie Francis (Director); Johnny Craig, Al Feldstein, and William M. Gaines (Original Stories); Milton Subotsky (Script); Joan Collins, Peter Cushing, Richard Greene, Ian Hendry, Nigel Patrick, Patrick Magee, and Ralph Richardson

What It’s About: Tourists in a series of catacombs arrive in a chamber where a crypt keeper tells them the stories of their deaths.

All of the stories are adapted from EC Comics stories printed in the titles “Tales From the Crypt”, “The Vault of Horror”, and “The Haunt of Fear”. Much as in the later HBO series the results vary in quality, but it’s one of the strongest anthology horror films from Amicus (or any other studio at the time!).

Why Watch It Today?: In Peter Cushing’s segment “Poetic Justice”, pivotal events occur on Valentine’s Day. Given the source material, you can bet it’s a story with a lot of heart. You could say it’s a cut above the rest!

Other Options: Simon, King of the Witches, Picnic at Hanging Rock, My Bloody Valentine

5 comments on “February 14th, 2014: Tales From the Crypt (1972)

  1. geelw says:

    Nice choice! Dark Horse Comics has been reprinting the EC books lately in some excellent volumes and the last one I saw had at least two of the stories that ended up in the film in it. As I said in my review, that poster used to scare the hell out of me as a kid when I saw it in the subway…

  2. T.A. Gerolami says:

    Sean, thanks for including some terrible puns in this!

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