February 22nd, 2014: Scaredy Cat (1948)

Scaredy Cat

Cast and Crew:  Carl W. Stalling (Music)

What It’s About: Porky Pig (Mel Blanc) moves into an old house with his cat, Sylvester (Mel Blanc).  As the night goes on, Sylvester witnesses one piece of evidence that the old house is haunted after another…but is unable to convince Porky Pig, who sees nothing.  Is the house really haunted…

Why Watch it Today?:   Legendary animator Chuck Jones, director of this and many other beloved cartoons, died today in 2002.

Other Choices:  What’s Opera Doc, Rabbit Seasoning, Gremlins


One comment on “February 22nd, 2014: Scaredy Cat (1948)

  1. […] the Disney classic Lonesome Ghosts, which features Goofy, Mickey and Donald as ghost hunters and Scaredy Cat, which features Porky Pig moving into a house full of murderous mice and ignoring all evidence of […]

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