April 4th, 2014: Sweepers (1998)

What It’s About: Christian Erickson (Dolph Lundgren) is the best mine sweeper there is, working for the Humanitarian Order of Chivalry to clear mines in war-torn Angola, but when his son Johnny (Rowan Southern)  dies in a rebel attack on the Order, Christian loses faith and slips into bitter alcoholism and Rambo III style pit-fighting matches.  Meanwhile, a terrorist attack on a Senator in the U.S. uses the most advanced and unstoppable land mine, the A-6, and the source is traced to Angola.  Bomb-squad expert Michelle Flynn (Clair Stansfield) joins a secret mission to Angola to figure out what’s going on, but when  a recover A-6 reactivates and kills the rest of her team, only Christian can help her get to the bottom of a conspiracy that goes right to the top…

Why Watch it Today?: Today is International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, a UN sponsored day to raise awareness of the menace of land mines, millions of which remain in war zones and former battlegrounds, killing and maiming between 15,000 and 20,000 people annually.  Sweepers is the rarest breed, a DTV action flick with a message, which it delivers in the ham handed (but good-hearted) way that only a direct-to-video Dolph Lundgren action movie can.  The film is enjoyably predictable and goofy, so-bad-its-good viewing.

Where to Get It: Amazon (VHS only)

2 comments on “April 4th, 2014: Sweepers (1998)

  1. Brother Grimm says:

    When did this thing come out ?

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