April 6th, 2014: The Monolith Monsters

Monolith Monsters

Cast and Crew:   Jack Arnold (Story); Paul Frees (Narrator); Henry Mancini (Original Music); Troy Donahue, Les Tremayne, William Schallert

What It’s About: Strange rocks from a meteor that crashed in a remote town in the southwest United States grow into towering formations when exposed to water.  The formations topple over, turning those not killed initially into rock, and creating more fragments that grow into more monoliths.  Can government geologist Dave Miller (Grant Williams) figure out a way to stop the Monolith Monsters before it’s too late?

Why Watch it Today?: According to the INTERNET the first Sunday in April is “traditionally” Geologists’ Day so why not celebrate with one of the few (only?) movies that feature a geologist hero saving us from deadly rocks? Universal applies its great 1950s sci-fi monster movie formula (scientist solves the mystery of disappearances in a remote region and discovering there’s a very short window of time to stop the cause before it threatens the entire world) rather successfully to what should be a completely (instead of just mostly) ridiculous menace.

Other Choices:  The Black Scorpion and Giant From the Unknown also feature geologists.

3 comments on “April 6th, 2014: The Monolith Monsters

  1. geelw says:

    Ha! This oldie was a real hoot to watch as a kid, so thanks for the reminder that this fossil still gets viewed from time to time. Of course, Journey to the Center of the Earth also features a geologist hero (Richard Mason, as part of the group making that journey) an perhaps the only one (I can recall) that has a song sung for him. I still know it off the top of my head: “Here’s to the Prof of geology. Master of all natural history. Rare boy he, and rare boy we. To know such a great curiosity!”

    • T.A. Gerolami says:

      True, it features a geologist-but does he save us from deadly rocks? That’s really where this one gets to be unusual. I haven’t seen Journey to the Center of the Earth since I was a kid, so maybe it’s time for a revisit.

      • geelw says:

        Oops. I meant JAMES Mason. I knew a Richard when I was back in high school and this was one of those films he was always going on and on about. Yeah, The Monolith Monsters IS in a category all its own – those Victorian and other-era travelers going deep under the earth? THOSE are a darn dime a dozen. Even more amusing, there was a Journey to the Center of the Earth cartoon by Filmation that wasn’t so hot at all save for some of the music and a few voice actors.

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