The Fiasco Brothers Watch a Movie (with Professor Mortis): Brand Upon the Brain

Turned out that I did not manage to repeat my experiment with doing a series of Fall blog posts that totally would stand up in court against a claim of copyright infringement by the lovely Carol Borden since they were not trying to be her amazing Spookoween write-ups. At all. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not still watching movies!  While I continue to be a parent and have joined the dreaded ranks of library administrators, I am, in fact, always watching movies.  If you want to read some mini-reviews, I highly recommend checking out my Letterboxd stream.   League member Sean Frost continues to run a podcast with the inestimable Tim Lehnerer-The Fiasco Brothers Watch a Movie. Sean and Tim, the titular Fiasco Brothers, discuss a new movie every other week, chosen randomly from their own list of possible titles.

Not having a podcast of my own and not genetically blessed with the ability to shut up, I of course wanted to join the pair to talk about a movie and they booked me to discuss Death Wish 3 (one of our former Movies of the Day) on Episode 9 of The Fiasco Brothers Watch a Movie: My Roscoe Goes Ka-Chee.  Awesome times were had, and when they were setting up their second season, I was invited to pick a movie…and, again, I picked a former Movie-of-the-Day, Brand Upon the Brain.  You can listen to Episode 47: Rube Goldberg Machine of Despair below….and you can also read my review from ten years ago (so that’s where I got that list of Maddin themes from!).  Will I return to writing here regularly?  Honestly, chances are greater that I’ll show up on the Fiasco Brothers again first but you never know…and until I totally give up the ghost you can not tell.

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The Invisible Woman

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November 18, 2013: In Like Flint (1967)


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The Brain that Wouldn't Die

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