February 28th, 2013: Brand Upon the Brain

Brand Upon the Brain

Cast and Crew:  Isabella Rossellini (Narrator in DVD version)

What It’s About:  Guy Maddin (Erik Steffen Maahs) rows to his childhood home-an island with an orphanage in a lighthouse.  His parents ran the orphanage, and he led a privileged life wandering the island while the orphans alternated between cleaning for Mother and being locked in their rooms.  Guy received a last request from his mother to repaint the lighthouse, and while doing so he recalls his life there-and how it ended…

Why Watch it Today?:   Guy Maddin, Winnipeg’s own art filmmaker, turns 57 today.  Maddin’s films are something you either love or scratch your head at; personally I love them.  Read our complete review of Brand Upon the Brain here.

Other Choices:  Looking for your first hit of Maddin?  I recommend his most accessible film, The Saddest Music in the World.  If you already know and like (or love) Maddin, you might try his earlier Careful, or his recent sort-of-documentary, My Winnipeg.

6 comments on “February 28th, 2013: Brand Upon the Brain

  1. retrozombi says:

    This was the 1st Maddin film I saw. So odd and beautiful. Great stuff!

  2. professormortis says:

    Mine was Careful, which I found in a library collection, I think, and brought home to intrigue and bewilder my housemates. I definitely need to see more of his work-four films isn’t enough.

  3. Joachim Boaz says:

    My second favorite Madden feature length film after my Winnipeg. His films are literature…. They are gorgeous, original, and occasionally delightfully weird.

    • professormortis says:

      I think I preferred the wilder excesses of Careful, but it’s possible that it’s just that I saw Careful first. I’ve yet to see a Maddin film I haven’t enjoyed, though.

  4. […] setting up their second season, I was invited to pick a movie…and, again, I picked a former Movie-of-the-Day, Brand Upon the Brain.  You can listen to Episode 47: Rube Goldberg Machine of Despair below….and you can also […]

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