February 27th, 2013: The Wind (1928)

The Wind

Cast and Crew:  Frances Marion (Screenwriter); Montagu Love

What It’s About:  Letty (Lillian Gish) moves from Virgina to the inhospitable environment of the prairie, where she learns to dread the constant, dusty blowing of the wind.  Forced into a marriage of convenience, often left alone in her new home, Letty begins to go mad…

Why Watch it Today?:   Lillian Gish, one of the screen’s first big stars, died 20 years ago today.  Gish’s screen presence is very much of its era (Gish began working a hundred years ago, after all) and The Wind is a showcase for her, a very American actress, even as it was directed by Victor Sjostrom, the Swedish director considered the father of Swedish film.  Sjostrom brings a very European feel to this late silent period oddity.

No trailer, but the entire movie with the most damnably awful synth score:

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