May 7th, 2014: The Night Strangler (1973)

The Night Strangler

Cast and Crew: Dan Curtis (Director, Producer); Richard Matheson (Writer); Margaret Hamilton, Al Lewis, John Carradine, Richard Anderson

What It’s About: Carl Kolchak (Darren McGavin), forced to leave Las Vegas at the end of The Night Stalker, is in Seattle, trying desperately to sell his book. In a move he will regret later, Vincenzo (Simon Oakland) hires Kolchak to work at his current paper. A strangler has been murdering belly dancers and other night walking women and Kolchak once again follows the case right into its bizarre heart.

Why Watch it Today?:  Star Darren McGavin, known most today for his role as the father in A Christmas Story, was born on this date in 1922.  While The Night Strangler isn’t quite as good as its immediate predecessor The Night Stalker, it’s a fun continuation of the first film.

No trailer, but the first part of the movie on YouTube:

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