June 11th, 2014: The Station Agent

The Station Agent

Cast and Crew:  Thomas McCarthy (Director, Writer); Josh Pais, Richard Kind, Bobby Carnavale, Michelle Williams, Patricia Clarkson, Joe Lo Truglio, John Slattery

What It’s About:  Train obsessed Fin (Peter Dinklage) inherits a train depot in Newfoundland, New Jersey when his friend Harry Styles (Paul Benjamin) dies.  Fin, tired of the world and with people’s attitudes to his dwarfism, moves to the depot, where he makes unexpected friends and forms a new life.

Why Watch it Today?: Peter Dinklage, a major star today thanks to his role on Game of Thrones, got a big break in the lead role for today’s film earlier in his career.  The film’s plot doesn’t exactly break new ground (especially for an Indy film), Dinklage is wonderful in it and its well worth a look if you want to see another side to the actor.  Dinklage turns 45 today.


2 comments on “June 11th, 2014: The Station Agent

  1. geelw says:

    I liked this, although it two two viewings to appreciate it. it’s not “great”, but Peter is fine here and I’ll watch Patricia Clarkson in anything (well, except The Dead Pool again, bleah!)…

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