June 28, 2014: A Band Called Death (2013)


Cast and Crew: Mark Covino, Jeff Howlett (Directors); Bobby Hackney, David Hackney, Dannis Hackney

What It’s About: Three brothers in Seventies Detroit form a band called Death and play music that sounds decidedly punk.  It’s not to anyone’s taste at the time, so they move on to other endeavors.  Many years later, passionate record collectors and the band members’ musically talented sons together inspire a revival of interest in the band.  Some similarity in plot to Malik Bendjalloul’s Searching for Sugar Man, released a few months earlier.

Why Watch it Today?: The film was released in theaters on this date last year.  While the first half of the film feels a bit like a documentary program for the History Channel or old-school VH1, the second half packs a powerful story of long-deferred dreams and family loyalty.  Who thought the story of a punk band called “Death” could be so heartwarming?  Plus, Henry Rollins thinks you should watch it, and if Henry Rollins tells you to do something, you probably ought to.


One comment on “June 28, 2014: A Band Called Death (2013)

  1. theyoungerj says:

    Reblogged this on thebrothersj and commented:
    I just watched this movie the other day, I may have to do my own write-up, what a movie and what great original music with shots from my college town. Very cool.

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