June 30th, 2014: Dredd (2012)


What It’s About: In the future much of the world is irradiated wasteland…and the rest is taken up by Mega Cities, enormous tracts of skyscraper hosting countless millions of people.  The only order in the cities are the Judges, who are police, courts and executioner embodied in a single individual.  Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is the toughest Judge of them all, but can even he survive being locked in a 200 story apartment building controlled by the murderous drug lord Ma-Ma (Lena Headey)?  Whatever Dredd’s chances, his trainee Andersen (Olivia Thrilby) is facing even greater odds…

Why Watch it Today?: Judge Dredd is an institution in his native England and a cult favorite in the United States, but the first attempt to bring the comic to the screen was a disaster-the property simply was not meant to be turned into a 90s style Sci-Fi action film starring Sylvester Stallone.  The terrible attempt was released on this date in 1995, but you would do far better to watch today’s much more faithful adaptation which is an excellent action film even if you are unfamiliar with the source material.  Stallone’s features Rob Scheneider; really the less said about it, the better.

2 comments on “June 30th, 2014: Dredd (2012)

  1. geelw says:

    And of course, I actually know ONE person who LIKES that 1995 film. The only thing good in it was Mean Machine because the makeup department nailed the look of the character. Everything else was dreck on a stick. The new film was mostly excellent and faithful to the comics, but didn’t get the greatest reviews for some reason…

    • T.A. Gerolami says:

      Yeah, I was mystified when I saw it why it didn’t do better. Solid action movie that doesn’t require you to know Dredd to get it.

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