July 1st, 2014: Flash Point (2007)


Cast and Crew: Wilson Yip (director),  Donnie Yen, Louis Koo, Ray Lui.

What It’s About: Inspector Ma (Donnie Yen) of the Hong Kong Police stands accused of excessive force during his investigation into a Vietnamese gang. But when his long-time informant is put at risk, Ma brushes aside standard operating procedure to unleash his unconventional, no-holds-barred fighting style against the ruthless criminals.

Why Watch it Today: Martial arts superstar Donnie Yen is a Boston product, first studying wushu with renown Chinatown teacher Bo-sing Mark. Since then he has summited the mountain of kung fu fame by portraying wing chun master Ip Man. But he’s also a freethinker in the footsteps of Ip Man’s onetime student Bruce Lee, stating openingly he prefers brazilian jiu-jitsu to kung fu. He is also fresh and invigorating in this slick-paced police-action romp. Flash Point injects a dose of MMA-themed mayhem into its Hong Kong stunt choreography–flying armbars, ground-‘n-pound, and judo throws meld comfortably with sidekicks, roundhouses, and kung fu haymakers. It’s really a ton of bang for the buck and an underrated gem, and if you’re not a Donnie Yen fan yet, this movie will make you one. Flash Point is set during the lead-up to this day in 1997, when the British handed Hong Kong back to China after a 99-year “lease”. The MMA fusion theme fits like a glove, as Donnie Yen presents an appealing marriage between old and new, east and west.


3 comments on “July 1st, 2014: Flash Point (2007)

  1. T.A. Gerolami says:

    Sounds like something I should check out. As an aside, I always forget that Donnie Yen is from Boston, despite having the most Boston sounding first name possible. I mean, is there any other place where someone named Donald becomes Donnie, or an adult man goes by Timmy (friend’s uncle is Uncle Timmy…personally I wouldn’t stand for that)!

    • Donnie Wahlberg and Donnie Yen should team up to make “Combat Zone”, the definitive movie of the mean streets of Boston, circa 1983. Shall we get cracking on the script?

      • T.A. Gerolami says:

        I’m game but be aware that Donnie was already in a terrible DTV crime movie called Southie whose tag line was “THE MOST DANGEROUS NEIGHBORHOOD IN AMERICA”, which seemed like a very Boston bit of exaggeration. Regardless, this is a project I would love to watch, and the Combat Zone setting would be perfect.

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