July 2nd, 2014: Cool As Ice (1991)

Cool as Ice

Cast and Crew
:  Naomi Campbell, Sydney Lassick, Candy Clark

What It’s About: Johnny (Vanilla Ice) arrives in a small town with his crew.  Forced to wait for parts for one of their bikes, Johnny kills time by wooing good girl honor student Kathy (Kristin Minter)…but Kathy’s seemingly boring family has a dark secret…

Why Watch it Today?:  Vanilla Ice’s big hit, Ice Ice Baby, was released on this date in 1990. The he’s seen as a complete joke these days, for a brief moment in the hellish musical no man’s land of that era Ice seemed poised to follow the career path of Elvis, bringing a previously black musical style and subculture to white America.   In the end Ice’s career path resembled Elvis’s in only one way:  he starred in a terrible movie.  Cool as Ice is a must see for the bad movie (and train wreck) fan, with its plot lazily cribbed from The Wild One, terrible acting, inexplicable music video moments, slumming Michael Gross and a ludicrous plot twist.

6 comments on “July 2nd, 2014: Cool As Ice (1991)

  1. geelw says:

    Ay carumba. I’d forgotten ALLLL about this one. Yeesh. I think he’s done a “reality” show recently about fixing homes up or something. I’m not exactly up on his latter-day career moves other than stumbling across a “news” item or clip somewhere…

    • T.A. Gerolami says:

      He tried to be a hardcore rap/rock hybrid kind of guy, that failed. He was always a pretty successful motocross guy IIRC. I think he’s done the round of reality shows and is now doing the reno one…seems like someone is always willing to put Mr. Van Winkle back in the public eye…

      His music is terrible, but this film is sublimely goofy/surreal.

  2. I can’t image the circumstances that would prompt me to sit through this movie. Perhaps hardcore peer pressure, a very long vacation in a remote location, powerful mind-altering substances, Bacardi 151, and a free crotch rocket.

    Professor, the sheer awesome power of your moviewatching endurance are growing into legend…

    • T.A. Gerolami says:

      All it took was the South Shore Movie Guild crew to suggest this…I think after a movie I suggested, Parents, that was interesting but didn’t quite hit with the group. I actually meant to leave…but got sucked into this amazing pop culture artifact. It’s not a good movie, but it’s a watchable reduction of 40 years of JD/youth in revolt movies mashed up with a cash-in film for a guy with 15 minutes of fame. The fact that they somehow roped Michael “The Dad on Family Ties” Gross into this and that the director manages to make everything look beautiful really put it over the top into something I would recommend others endure. With friends and alcohol, of course.

  3. bellabone says:

    I imagine it was also “Starring in His Last Motion Picture.”

    • T.A. Gerolami says:

      Apparently he was in some kind of God awful Matrix spoof called The Helix…Loaded after this, in what sounds like a fairly major role…but I’m not watching to confirm!

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