July 9th, 2011: The Blob (1958)

Cast and Crew:  Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. (Director); Burt Bacharach (Theme)

What It’s About: When a meteorite crashes in town and sets free an ever-hungry, ever-growing glob of alien matter, it’s up to local teen Steve Andrews (Steve McQueen) to step up and recognize what’s going on-and find a way to stop The Blob (not to mention convince the adults of its existence) before it eats the world.

Why Watch it Today?: The Blob takes place in July and is a perfect slice of 50s drive-in fun (helped immensely by the soon-to-be-a-star McQueen), perfect for watching with the lights out on a hot summer night (and, of course, the secret to defeating the creature is in short supply this time of year).  Keep that ice cream handy if you-or a nearby Blob-need to cool off a bit.

Where to Get ItLibraries, Netflix (Rental), or Amazon

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