July 23rd, 2011: Attack of the Crab Monsters

Cast and Crew:  Charles B. Griffith (Script); Mel Welles

What It’s About: When scientists studying the effects of nuclear testing on an island disappear, a new expedition arrives to investigate-and discovers hideous, intelligent, giant crabs.  Can the scientists defeat the Crab Monsters, or will they become the Crab Monsters next meal?

Why Watch it Today?: Today is the last day of the Cancer Zodiac sign.  Let’s celebrate with one of Roger Corman’s most enjoyable cheapies, which features all the requisite ingredients for a “so bad its good” B-movie crab cake:  cheap, overly ambitious special effects; incredibly awful science; jaw dropping stilted dialog delivered by wooden actors (“Harken to all things metal!”); nuclear anxiety; and a soon to be famous actor (Russell Johnson, who played the Professor on Gilligan’s Island)

Where to Get It:  Available on Amazon and YouTube:

The Trailer: 

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