June 17th, 2012: Fallen Angels (1995)

Cast and Crew:  Wong Kar Wai (Writer, Director, Executive Producer)

What It’s About:  A hit man (Leon Lai) and his fixer (Michelle Reis) fall in love with each other without ever actually meeting.  He crosses paths with Charlie (Charlie Yeung) who is looking for a lost boyfriend, and a strange mute (Takeshi Kaneshiro) who tries to make a living-by simply opening closed businesses and forcing passersby to buy goods and services from him.

Why Watch it Today?: Today is Father’s Day, and this may seem like a strange choice, but Kaneshiro and his father (Man-Lei Chan) have a heartbreaking, rough relationship that will be familiar to anyone who’s had a rocky but strong relationship with their own father.*

Where to Get It: Amazon, iTunes Netflix or Mubi; your local library


Chan dies, and the last time I saw this (having forgotten that fact), as the Ghost of Christmas Past might say: “Waterworks”.  This one’s for you Dad.

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