September 20th, 2012: A Simple Plan (1998)

Cast and Crew:   Sam Raimi (Director); Danny Elfman (Score); Bill Paxton, Bridget Fonda, Billy Bob Thorton, Brent Briscoe

What It’s About: Three men stumble upon a plane full of millions of dollars crashed in a nature preserve.  They settle on a simple plan: wait until spring, then split up the money if no one comes looking for it, but plans never remain simple when millions are at stake….

Why Watch it Today?:  Gary Cole was born today in 1956.  Cole is one of the great character actors of our era, adept at playing everything from comedic straight men (Mike Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie) to the world’s most obnoxious boss (Bill Lumberg, Office Space) to a villainous town sheriff (Lucas Buck on American Gothic) and nearly everything and anything in-between.  A Simple Plan uses that versatility to devastating effect.

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