September 29th, 2012: The Manitou (1978)



Cast and Crew:  William Girdler (Director, Screenplay, Producer); Lalo Schifrin (Score); Michael Ansara, Stella Stevens, Burgess Meredith, Jon Cedar, Ann Southern, Jeanette Nolan

What It’s About: When his ex (Susan Strasberg) begins growing a tumor out of her neck that is not a tumor, but the evil medicine man Misquamacas, beginning as a fetus and rapidly growing into a full-grown bastard, can sham fortune-teller Harry Erksine (Tony Curtis) find a way to save her (and all of us) before it’s too late?

Why Watch it Today?: Tony Curtis died two years ago today.  Although Curtis was in his share of classics, like so many others by the 70s he found himself in exploitation trash like today’s film, which marries the horrors of The Exorcist with “Native American” mythology and the light show at the end of 2001.

Other Choices:  Some Like it Hot

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