January 3rd, 2013: Premature Burial

Premature Burial

Cast and Crew: Roger Corman (Director, Producer); Gene Corman (Executive Producer); Charles Beaumont (Screenplay); Edgar Allan Poe (Story); Alan Napier, Dick Miller

What It’s About: Artist Guy Carrell (Ray Milland) overcomes his fear of premature burial just long enough to marry his old flame Emily Gault (Hazel Court), but it isn’t long before Guy is building fool-proof tombs guaranteed to stop him from being buried alive…and before someone begins to take advantage of that fear….

Why Watch it Today?: Star Ray Milland was born today in 1907 in Wales.  Through his long career Milland created many memorable characters, including starring roles (The Lost Weekend, The Uninvited) supporting roles (Beau Geste, Love Story, Dial M for Murder) and as a reliable presence in horror and sci-fi films like Premature Burial.  Whether he was giving Oscar-winning performances or playing the head of a racist surgeon transplanted onto the body of Rosie Grier, Milland always gave his all.

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